Thursday, July 23, 2015

Musing of one thinking about the elderly man who developed a familial tremor and finally trained the offending forfinger to tap out jingle bells on the table top.

Back in the days when Mary Kay and I were going together it was considered a disgrace for an unmarried couple to spend the night together, but we did.  At the time Mary Kay's father was in the hospital and we had been going out so much that we were pretty well exhausted, so one night when I went out to see her we decided to stay right there and talk. There was an englenook at one end of the living room and I sat down and leaned against the end panel. She sat down next to me and I put an arm around her and we just talked. We both dozed off and awhile later I woke up and started to fish around for my watch which was in my pocket. I tried to get it out without disturbing Mary Kay who was sleeping peacefully on my shoulder . I finally got it out and the hour hand pointed to five.  I nudged her and whispered "Hey wake up! It is 5am". She woke up with a start and said, "Oh good Lord!." We tiptoed to the front door and opened it and without making any noise. I got in my car and coasted down the street. After about a block I started the engine and drove home. So far as  we were aware no one knew of the episode and we never mentioned it. So I guess we got away with it!

Musing of one thinking about the elderly man who took his deluxe walker and went for a walk only to stray into the street and be ticketed by a police officer for driving at an unsafe speed.

I am happy to welcome to my humble abode Luke and Sandy Anker and three of their children, Ben, Ellen and Lydia.  Their presence provides a great lift to the activities here. Since their arrival the household has run much more smoothly. I suspect we will be providing an increase in population at church on Sunday.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Musing of one thinking about the super salesman who telephoned a company in Moscow, was accidentally connected to Vladimir Putin and sold him outer Mongolia.

From the stand point of 97 years of age, I look back and see how history repeats itself. Particularly with regard to military build up and cuts.  It is also true in political operations, many of which have a title, such as "New Deal", "Fair Deal", "Great Society" and so forth. I don't know what they will come up with next but it will probably be a repetition of something.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Musing of one wondering if either political party will be able to come up with a single presidential candidate even after primary elections.

Contemplating the situation in the middle east, I have decided that policies are so confused that nobody knows what is going on, but then that's just me.   I just don't seem to be any more confused than anyone else.  Maybe it is hopeless and someday they will have to start all over again.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Musing of one wondering who built the first Christian Church Ediface and where.

There seems to be a pervasive perception that government is some big separate entity with its own source  of revenue. Wrong. The government is an artificial being invisible and intangible and its affairs are conducted by a group of fallible human beings who in general are no smarter than the rest of us. This a good thing to keep in mind.

This observation is not meant to disparage the efforts of many hard working people- civilian and military- who get their paychecks from the government.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Musing of one thinking about the Chinese Zillionaire that went to NY on vacation and was so taken with the Brooklyn Bridge that he advertised for an achitect that could build one in China.

We have a plethora of candidates and potential candidates for the office of the President of the U.S.  In my opinion, they all promise too much. and so one of the criteria to us in voting in the primary is to vote for the candidate who poses the most realistic policy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Musing of one thinking about the newly wed who went into a coffee shop, saw his wife sitting in a booth with another man, went over and told her not to bother coming home, only to have her introduce him to her brother.

I've been struck by the fact the very few young people know any thing about WWI and WWII. From inquires I've made it seems that history professors only want to teach things that have great social significance so most young people know about the civil rights movement. My reaction to this is to remind people that both of those wars had Huge social significance.  In each one of them some 50 million people died and the maps of Europe and Asia were redrawn. How much more social significance can anybody want?